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The Jalvayu Laughter Club (JLC) was started on 15 Nov 2014 at the Jal Vayu Vihar Community Centre, Sector 21, Noida. The inspiration came from Dr Madan Kataria, the founder of the Laughter Yoga International movement, while watching an episode of Aamir Khan's “Satyameva Jayate” on TV in October. The Inaugural session was conducted by Dr Santosh Sahi, founder of the Delhi Academy of Laughter Yoga.
The club started with around 10 members and now more than 70 meet daily and laugh together for 30 minutes. The membership is absolutely free, is open to all Noidaites and has crossed over 100, increasing by the day. The members have benefied immensely by way of good health, posive atude, confidence, social bonding and happiness. Some members with prolonged and acute ailments like blood pressure, diabetes and arthris have had magical cures through regular Laughter Yoga.
Outreach Programme. Dr Madan Kataria's visit on 18 April 2015, brought about 120 Noidaites together at JVCC to laugh with the Laughter Guru. On his bidding JLC started an Outreach programme wherein it conducted laughter sessions in various locaons of Noida and New Delhi. Some of these are, the Wave City Centre as part of the “Wave Smart Jiyo” event organized by the Hindustan Times and the Wave Group, “Raahgiri Noida” in front of the GIP mall. On the request of the residents of sectors 28, 30 and 100 of Noida, number of sessions were conducted to enable them to start their own laughter clubs. Few members accompanied Dr Sahi to Tihar jail to conduct LY sessions for the inmates. The outreach programme also included LY sessions for the Breast Cancer Support Group of India at the Max hospital, New Delhi, for 300 employees of Home Shop 18 at Film City, Noida, for hundreds of students and staff members of several schools in Noida and the Naval Children's School, New Delhi.
Overseas Visitors. JLC has had the opportunity of show casing LY to overseas visitors as well. A group of students from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia led by Gabi Paterson, and Jan Turner, a Laughter leader from the UK with her husband, joined JLC for laughter sessions. 30 JLC members conducted LY sessions at the Lodhi gardens, New Delhi, for a group of 150 French tourists. All these interacons proved that laughter is a universal language which has no borders, nor boundaries.
Dr Madan Kataria and the Laughter Yoga International University, Bangaluru, recognized the Jalvayu Laughter club's activities towards spreading LY by conferring the honour of 'Laughter Ambassador' on Commodore Ashok Sawhney, the founder member of the club on 17 July 2015. JLC remains committed to furthering World Peace through Laughter.

Since 01 April 2020 JLC is conducting online LY sessions daily starting at 7.30 AM for about 35 minutes, and Laughter Meditation three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays commencing at 7 PM, duration 45 minutes, using Zoom for both. All are welcome to join. 

Zoom Details

🌞 Morning LY Sessions - 

ID - 953 306 4234

PW - 12345

🌓 Evening LM Sessions - 

ID - 746 7797 7596

PW - 4g48nT

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